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Born in 1986 - Male – From Subang, Selangor, Malaysia – Currently in Melbourne, Australia – UPSR > PMR > SPM > Western Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) > Currently Bachelor of Commerce (Management) Year 3 - Major in Marketing Management / Business Law - University of Melbourne, Australia

A poor 21 years old kid struggling to complete his bachelor degree in Melbourne. Trying hard to prove that he'll justify the name of "Best University in Australia".

Just a short introduction

(Posted on Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 3:31 PM)

Lolx! Ok i don't usually write this kind of introduction stuff,but i guess it's a MUST here,so i'll try my best to be serious,okay?

What do you call that..? I mean the position, contributor right? Yes i am the new contributor here for Malaysian Students (is it Malaysian student? or Malaysia student? Cupid9, correct me if i'm wrong =P) I ain't gonna reveal must about my name here but you can call me TyplotioN, that's what people usually address me in my very own cyberspace.

Ok, i'll start =p I live in Selangor but i'm currently stuck in Melbourne,the most livable city in the world in Australia,which myself don't really think so =P. I'm currently doing Bachelor of Commerce in The University of Melbourne, the top ranking uni in Australia and 19th on the world, i personally doesn't think so too =PpP

Ok, enought of stories, i guess most of you would ask me what can i share with you all? Despite that after SPM i did not continue my studies in government school anymore, i spent about 1 year of foundation studies and 1 year of uni in a private college in Malaysia before i move on to Melbourne. So what can i share? Well unlike other contributor, i might only able to share my thoughts and experiences about the private college in Malaysia and some uni and course in Australia. Feel free to ask me anything about the non-government side of the education related question, i will try my best to answer you all.

One more thing, I'm not a native English speak, so please bare with my post which might contain tons of grammatical error or typo. Please don't hesitate to speak out and correct me if can. You know...typical chinese educated student lah!

Yeap, i'm a regular blogger since year 2004 and i do maintain a blog, do check it out but don't expect it as informative as Malaysia Students =P Cheers.

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