Textbook Loan Scheme in Malaysia

The Textbook Loan Scheme (TBLS)

The Textbook Loan Scheme (TBLS) was implemented nationwide since 1975. The scheme cover all levels of education from the primary to the upper secondary education in government schools and government aided schools. The aim of the scheme is to lessen the financial burden of parents from the lower income group and ultimately ensure access to education for every child. In 1983, this scheme was extended to People’s Religious Schools (SMAR). Beginning 2008, the MOE has made a provision to give free textbooks to every student regardless of socioeconomic status. The Textbook Division has introduced innovations in teaching and learning materials by producing CD-ROM alongside the textbooks produced.The CD-ROMs include texts, graphic illustrations, animation, audio, video, interactive multimedia and interactive activities which include simulations, computer games and interactive assessment. The CD-ROMs are also equipped with electronic notebook known as e-journal as a communication tool. Besides ensuring the textbook packages produced are of high quality and concurrent with the curriculum, efforts have also been made to ensure the suitability for the target groups and able to achieve the teaching and learning objectives. Students are given the opportunity to use the CD-ROM in their Malay language, English language, as well as Science and Mathematics classes.