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Born in 1990 - Female - Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - PTS > UPSR > PMR > SPM > Currently Cambridge A Level (Science), Second Semester - Tunku Abdul Rahman College

Snow is a temperamental and rather eccentric being that enjoys reading, writing, ice-skating, banging on the piano and talking (gibberish, most of the time).


(Posted on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 10:19 PM)

My name is Michelle, but I usually go by the name Snow or Snow Firefly in the Internet world. Snow Firefly is in a way, my real name too, though I suppose it would be unnecessary to go into details.

I’m an eccentric sixteen year old from Kuala Lumpur and I’m currently in my second semester of A Levels at TAR College, having completed my SPM only last year. Despite the fact I have always been a science stream student, I take an active interest in certain arts-related subjects, namely linguistics. I am an avid fan of languages and I find it amusing when people think I am only skilled in one language whereas I am fluent in several, give or take a couple of dialects. As much as I take pride in my linguistic skills, I have to admit that I am completely hopeless when it comes to Mathematics. All I can do is stare miserably at the simplest equations and turn on my famous puppy-eyes but alas, my lecturer never falls for the trick and I am always the unfortunate recipient of his wrath. My classmates merely stare at me incredulously whenever I confess my inability to solve what they think of as the easiest equations ever. I just don’t have an aptitude for Mathematics. Strangely enough, my favourite science is Physics.

My friends told me I looked like a sweet, soft-spoken and well-mannered gentle little damsel when they first approached me. Hence the saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Quite contrary to the flattering depiction related to me by my friends, I’m clumsy and forgetful. My books, files and anything that is unfortunate enough to have me for an owner are forever sliding unto the floor and I have, on several occasions left behind items that were of importance to me. Tripping down the stairs is a very common occurrence for me and I apparently manage to maintain a record of an average of a cut or a bruise every single day. I am definitely not an introvert though circumstances sometimes forces me take up hermitage and I am also prone to sudden shy bouts. Acquaintances of mine have problems getting me to shut up because I talk way too much and way too loud. I haven’t yet refined the art of coating my words with honey, so be forewarned – you may not like what you hear. On the plus side, you can get free, honest opinions from yours sincerely. Besides that, I’m a little strange and am often the recipient of weird eyeballs. Did I mention that I’m rather temperamental and random? No? Well now you know it.

Here is where I spill some of the insanity juices:

I enjoy frequenting guidance forums – perhaps it is in my nature to want to make a difference in someone's life! It is a little unusual admittedly, but I take pleasure in helping others and by contributing to this blog, I'd gain a lot of happiness and satisfaction in knowing my posts may have helped someone out there. I’m a pretty good listener actually and I love listening to the problems of others and attempting to help them.
(As well as getting people to read my ramblings! XD I've been told many times that I talk too much. Apparently, I "contaminate" the atmosphere with my voice, or so my classmates say. So I guess I'd have to commit some of those thoughts to blogs.)

My hobbies include: Reading, writing, ice-skating, banging on the piano, and socialising (talking nonsense).

I shall try to provide more information on…well, everything I’ve read up on and also share some of my experiences. I shall also shut up for now. Thank you for bearing with me and actually reading all of this. :P

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