Project What's After SPM

A Hundred Different Journeys

Community Annoucement

Are you in the age range between 17 and 30 years old?
Are you Malaysians?
Do you care about the future of younger generations of Malaysia?
If you answer yes to the questions above, then you are who we are looking for Project What's After SPM.
Project What's After SPM is a project, where we hope to search through Malaysia, to find 100 stories/experiences to tell the students and parents of SPM leavers, about what they can do after SPM. It could be about furthering their studies, career, special programs, activities, travel, charity, part-time work etc. We're looking for as diverse a story as well. It has to be your personal experience. In the end, it would be a book published, and we hope to get donors to donate to school.
As you write, please keep in mind the core message behind this project: that there are unlimited opportunities waiting for us after secondary school, and that there is no "best" or "right" path to take. Any path can be good if you make the best of it, work hard, and remain passionate about what you do. With this message, remember that we are looking for real, sincere stories that can offer insight into the many different directions that we have all taken our lives. We want the good, the bad, the ugly - everything. Don't sugarcoat or censor yourselves, as that would defeat the purpose of delivering honest, insightful stories to those who may otherwise have little awareness of the sheer abundance of choices that await them after SPM. Also, there is no place for self-righteousness or conceit in this project; there is no need to "sell" yourselves. We are not looking for stories that simply list awards and achievements, but otherwise offer little in terms of awareness of opportunities and their boons and banes.
Don't wait anymore. Check out at . And start writing (or rather typing) out the 600-800 words and email us at [email protected]. We'll reply you within minutes or hours after you emailed us, if you have any question! is not affiliated with Project What's After SPM.