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Hi All, joshuatly is here!

(Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 3:30 PM)

Hi to all readers of Malaysia Students Blog.

I’m a new contributor of this blog. So let me make a simple self introduction about myself.

My name is Joshua Tee. If you see any Internet identity with nickname “joshuatly” or “pianolover”, it will definitely be me! Well I live in Bentong Pahang. For me, computer if my life. I like to blogging, surfing the Internet, download stuff from Internet...All to do about computer! Other than that, I also like to play music instruments. For now, I’m leaning piano only. After this, if got chances, maybe I’m going to learn drum, DJ mixer or many others.

I own a blog. If you are free, you may go to my blog (http://joshuatly-blog.blogspot.com). My blog is currently messy as I had no time to manage it too much so I just categorize it using tags. Generally, what you can find out from my blog are all topics about tech, computer, music and also SPM and STPM tips and trial papers’ download link. Well, please go to my blog and comment on it as support given to me and my blog. Anything more you want to see in my blog, just leave a comment on any post. I will do research on it and put those information there.

I just get my SPM result as I’m a SPM 2006 student. Don’t ask about my SPM felt as it consider very bad. I actually speak Chinese at home .My English standard also not very good. So if anyone saw there are grammatically or spelling errors, please tell me immediately! I will be doing my form 6 soon in SMK Sulaiman in Bentong also.

Well, I start become a reader of MS blog from last year before SPM. I feel that Chong give a good start to this blog and I like this blog so much. I hope I can share more for you all about SPM and STPM so I apply to become a contributor of MS blog.

So to all readers of MS blog, just continue support this blog by leave a comment on any of the post and promote it to keep it going! Hope you all will like the article I will post on MS blog soon!

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