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Born in 1991 - Female - From Cheras, KL, Malaysia - Currently in Cheras, KL, Malaysia- UPSR > PMR > SPM > Currently Pre-university

About Me

(Posted on Monday, May 5, 2008 at 4:15PM)
Greetings everyone! I am Nurly, a 17 year old who finds pleasure in both reading and writing. I love to read books or even the newspaper before I go to bed that sometimes I fall asleep with a book left opened by my side. Thanks to that habit of mine, my parents call me 'zombie' because they think I sleep late each night to read storybooks and newspapers. hmpfft!
I don't only love to read (and BUY) books to one day fulfill my goal in life of having my own general library; I enjoy writing too. Writing is a way for me to express my feelings. I am a chatterbox in reality, one who speaks a lot even to strangers but when it comes to topics on emotions and feelings, I prefer to write than speak. It's just a personality of mine that can't be scraped off.
I have recently received my SPM results and thank God, I managed to obtain a jolly good string of 10As. I haven't started college/university yet but once I do, I'd really love to read pharmacy and in 15 years time I see myself as the owner of not only a library (I love to read and BUY books) but also a pharmacy.
Anyways, I am a new contributor of this site and yes, as a contributor, I hope I can contribute as many articles as I can. I have always hold on to my belief of 'Sharing Is Caring' hence it's a pleasure for me to share my experience with all of you to show how much I care about others. So, feel free to drop by and read my soon-to-come articles, leave a comment/question behind and I'll try to help you out anytime possible, yes?
Till then, adieu.