Matriculation Programme in Malaysia


The Ministry of Education established the Matriculation Division on 1 September 1998 in order to coordinate all matriculation / foundation programmes previously managed by public institutions of higher learning.

In the 1999/2000 session, the Matriculation Division of the Ministry of Education started the Matriculation Programme for students who sat for the 1998 SPM examination.

Starting from the 2000/2001 session, all matriculation programmes except those by the International Islamic University and Centre for Foundation Studies in Science of the University of Malaya were managed fully by the Matriculation Division.


The Ministry of Education Matriculation Programme is a preparatory programme for bumiputera students with Malaysian Certificate of Education to qualify them for degree courses in science, technology and the professional arts in public and private universities.

Pre-university studies take two (2) semesters. The programme curriculum focuses on the academic aspect without neglecting the co-curricular aspect.

The students produced are knowledgeable and competent, as well as have exemplary personal qualities and leadership capabilities.

All students in this programme follow the same syllabus and undergo the same evaluation method. The selection of students to enter university is made only after they have passed the Matriculation Programme.


Starting from the 2003/2004 session, the Matriculation Programme is conducted at matriculation colleges and MARA Colleges only. The list of Ministry of Education Matriculation Colleges can be found in the Directory of Institutes.


The Ministry of Education Matriculation Programme offers three (3) areas of study:

  1. Science (Code M001)
  2. Accountancy (Code M003)
  3. Technical (Code M007)


  1. Duration of Programme
    • One-year programme (2 semesters)
    • Two-year programme (4 semesters)
  2. Core Subjects
    • Science Stream
      Module I: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
      Module II: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science
      Module III: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science
    • Accountancy Stream
      Mathematics, Accounting, Business Management and Economics
    • Technical Stream
      Mathematics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics and Engineering Studies

In addition to the subjects within the areas of ​​specialisation, the following subjects are compulsory for all students:-

  • English
  • Dynamic Skills
  • Islamic / Moral Education
  • Information Technology
  • Co-curriculum

All students of the Ministry of Education Matriculation Programme are required to take one of the following co-curriculum subjects:-

  • Sport / game or
  • Society / club or
  • Marching


Based on the Continuous Assessment, Mid-Semester Test and Matriculation Programme Semester Examination


Students of Matriculation Programme are sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

Opportunities for Further Study

Students who obtain a CGPA of 2.00 (grade C) and above may be considered for admission into public institutions of higher learning.

  1. Science Stream
    • Medicine
    • Dentistry
    • Bio-Medicine
    • Bio-Physics
    • Pharmacy
    • Actuarial Science
    • Pure Science
    • Applied Science
    • Computer Science / Information Technology
    • Education Science
    • Engineering
    • Architecture and other related areas
  2. Accountancy Stream
    • Accountancy
    • Economics
    • Business Management
    • Law
    • Information Technology
    • Business Administration / Public Administration
    • Human Resource Management and other related areas