Coming Soon!

Update: Malaysia Students blog is now live on
Announcement: Finally we've got enough money to purchase a domain name for Malaysia Students blog! 

See No Drastic Change

Malaysia Students blog is currently hosted freely at and it will be moved to on March 1, 2007 - the blog's first birthday since it was created on March 1, 2006!

Don't worry, you'll see no drastic change when the blog is moved! Please update your links to the blog to the new url ( Subscriptions through email or RSS feed will not notice the change and will continue to receive the latest posts from Malaysia Students blog as usual.

Your Expectation and Participation

What you can expect from us is more posts on the blog since now we have six seven great contributors! If you want to join us to be one of the contributors, please email me using the email address shown at the footer of this page. Please remove the words 'REMOVETHIS' and replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .

You can always support us by reading the blog regularly and posting value-added comments on the related posts. Thanks for your support!