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Born in 1990 - Female - Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - UPSR > PMR > SPM > Currently A-level – Sunway University College

Loves to plan any events and willing to help out no matter what even though she is busy. Always cares for others rather than herself. Likes hands-on stuff rather than memorizing the facts.

About Me

(Posted on Monday, May 12, 2008 at 6.40PM)

Come on closer....yea, that's it. A little bit more closer.
Hmmm....right, I'll tell you something.

About me? I am Erlina, a 18 year old girl who loves to help people around without expecting any repay. I love to read books and newspaper without skipping any pages. That’s why I took a longer time when reading newspapers. 

I got to know this site through my campmate and I thought I could contribute some of the information that I got through education fairs and talks. Feel welcome to ask me anything that you doubt about and I’ll try my best to help you.

I love meeting new people because from there, I could gain brand new experiences that I had never had. Meeting new people is awesome! Proven that I’m a friendly person but please don’t take advantage or betray me. 

I’m one of the members of Ipoh Omega Leo Club so I get the opportunity to learn in organizing any projects and handle different peoples in different ways. Although sometimes political issues appeared, I’ll try not to get involve into it because I don’t like to gossip and to be gossip about. To me, as long as you can handle your duties well, there is nothing to scare and doubt about yourself.

Results don’t mean anything to me because no matter how many A’s you get that doesn’t assure whether you can be a successful person in future. People will change and don’t look down to people who don’t like to study. I respect them because they dare to step one foot earlier to enter the working society.

Last but not least, forgive me if I do have spelling or grammatical errors. I hope that my future posts will help out students who were as lost as I was. Looking forward to pursue my study to oversea!

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Thanks a lot!!! Cheers =)

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