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 Girl – From Melaka, Malaysia

Please do not be put off when talking to her as ‘lack of sleep’ and ‘architecture’ seems to rule her vocabulary; she is very passionate with issues outside her academic world in actual fact.

Contributor 05 KC: Greetings MS-ians!!

 Hello MS readers!

I am your latest addition as a contributor to your site, nice to meet all!

I can’t stop rambling about archis despite what it has done to me- it’s a love hate relationship! In MS site, I am very much inclined in opening up the discussion concerning arts and design education in Malaysia or any other student related issues, since we are all learning together right.

Our webmaster- Chong has mentioned that he will “forward the comments posted on my posts”, so whatever queries you have, just bring it on to my email! My email address is attached as below.

Have a nice day & more post on MS coming soon!


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