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Want to share your academic experiences? Want to help fellow Malaysian students to score good examination results as yours? Ready to offer your advice and tip? Then you should consider joining us!

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Malaysia Students blog is growing and the number of readers is increasing. Hence we need more great contributors to write informative and helpful articles on any topic related to Malaysian students and education in Malaysia. If you meet the following requirements and enjoy the spirit of helping others, please do not hesitate to join us!

  • 15 Years Old or Above - We blog mainly about SPM, STPM and tertiary education in Malaysia.
  • Online Regularly - You should be online at least once a week. Since we need ongoing contribution on Malaysia Students blog, you have to post at least one post per month.
  • English Writing Skill - You should be able to write properly in English - the main language of Malaysia Students blog. We don't allow our readers to read a post with many grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Basic Blogging Skill - Since Malaysia Students blog is powered by Blogger blogging platform, you should be able to post blog post using it. It will certainly help if you have some blogging experiences. Don't worry, blogging using Blogger is easier than using WordPress or Movable Type.
  • Contribute Voluntarily - No, you don't get paid for contributing on Malaysia Students blog. The revenue from the advertisements placed on the blog will be used to cover the cost of maintenance of this blog. The remaining amount goes to student's pocket. Read disclosure.

If you meet all the requirements above and are ready to be part of the growing Malaysia Students community, please send an application email to student using the email address shown at the bottom of this page. Provide all these details In your email

  • Full Real Name
  • Nickname
  • GenderĀ 
  • Date Of Birth [Day, Month and Year]
  • Hometown in Malaysia [City, State and Country]
  • Current location [City, State and Country]
  • Completed Education Level [Eg. UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM]
  • Current Education (What course are you taking at university currently, be specific please)
  • Current School or College or University
  • Your blog's url
  • Primary Email Address [The one that you check often for new emails]
  • Your Facebook and/or Twitter url
  • Why do you want to contribute on Malaysia Students blog voluntarily?
  • Finally, you have to leave at least three informative and helpful comments on any three existing posts (one comment per post) at Malaysia Students blog. Please fill in your nickname or login to Blogger when leaving your comments so that we know they are written by you and not anonymous readers. Your comments should be on-topic to the posts and add value to the post / topic / discussion. Please mention the titles of the three posts that you've commented. If you find that commenting on the posts is burdensome to you then you are not ready to join us. This is because as a contributor, you should always reply to the comments on your posts and offer help to the readers. You should be able to contribute in terms of comments before contributing by writing posts at the blog.

You will receive our reply in less than a week. While waiting for our reply, we suggest you to take some time to read our posts and comment on them.