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What is Malaysia Students blog? What are our missions? Who are the contributors or bloggers of Malaysia Students? How can Malaysia Students benefit you? How can you contribute to Malaysia Students?

What is Malaysia Students blog?

Generally, Malaysia Students blog is an education team blog written by a group of Malaysian students on a wide range of topics surrounding education in Malaysia and Malaysian students. The blog covers tips and tricks on how to score 1A in some SPM subjects, SPM and STPM examinations, introduction to A-levels in Malaysia, MUET, SAT, personal experiences in local public university application, JPA scholarship interview and Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Award interview, university life hack and valuable students’ thoughts.

We blog on both academics and co-curriculum because we believe every student should be excel in both to become well-rounded in school, college or university. The blog posts are mainly on Malaysian major examinations, secondary, pre-university and tertiary education, scholarship news, student resources, students' thoughts and everything relates to Malaysian students.

What are our missions?

Our main mission is to create an online community consisting of current and former Malaysian students. When an active Malaysian student online community is successfully created, each and every student in the community will be greatly benefited in various ways.

Malaysia Students blog is unique as it is written by Malaysian Students for Malaysian students. We aim to help as many fellow Malaysian students as possible in their studies, scholarship and university application and therefore, to assist them in achieving their academic goals.

Who are the contributors or bloggers of Malaysia Students?

Read our great contributor team.

How can Malaysia Students benefit you?

Since you will find important education and scholarship news at Malaysia Students blog occasionally, it can serve as your source of education and scholarship news. In addition, you can search through Malaysia Students for Malaysian major examination tips and news. Besides, you will learn a lot from the tips and tricks, personal experiences and students’ thoughts posted at the blog.

You can also ask relevant questions on the topics that we cover for additional information by leaving your comment. Something worthy of mention is that Malaysia Students blog currently has more than 8,500 email subscribers and 2,000 daily visitors and counting. So your questions at the comment area will be read by many readers and chances are your questions answered. Need help in your studies? Just send us your questions in details through email and we will try our best to help and guide you.

How can you contribute to Malaysia Students?

You can contribute to Malaysia Students to help us to build an active online community by becoming the regular readers of Malaysia Students. Read our informative posts and comment on them to add additional details, your opinions or to share your helpful experiences in certain topics. An active community is a community that will interact with the members through discussion at Malaysia Students. We recommend you to subscribe to Malaysia Students through RSS blog feed or email update subscription to receive all the latest posts as soon as they are posted.

If you are confident that you can write great posts at Malaysia Students, we would invite you to join our contributor team. Read the contributor application for further information. Or you might be interested to write a guest post and get featured here!

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