3K Programme


The 3K programme which started in 1991 aims to ensure that every school has an established system for dealing with any issues related to school safety, health and beautification. After 13 years of implementation, beginning 2004, this programme promotes a new concept that combines the three separate programmes into just one, known as the Initiative to Improve School Safety, Health and Beautification or the 3K Initiative which includes the Safe School Programme, Health and Hygiene Programme and School Beautification Programme. The restructuring of the 3K Programme was done to avoid duplication of objectives for the two previous programmes namely the 3K Programme and School Safety Improvement Programme. In that year, 90 primary and secondary schools across the country participated compared to 30 schools in the previous year.

The Safety, Hygiene and School Beautification Improvement (3K) Programme provides the opportunity to any of the selected schools to experience that joy indeed exists in education. Regardless of whether it is internal or external, the 3K programme is seen as being capable of highlighting the beauty of a participating school through emphasis on improving the three key aspects of the programme. A school that is 'beautiful' in many aspects is not only pleasing to the eyes or is a source of pride to the community, more importantly it is also able to produce students who excel academically.

The 3K programme implemented in schools not only has succeeded in enhancing the beauty and cheerfulness of the school, it has also fostered closer relations between the schools and their Parent-Teacher Association as well as the local community. The 3K initiative programme is under the responsibility of the School Division of the Ministry of Education.